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Seed Money Scheme – Beneficiary (In table format):

     Seed Money Scheme (SMS) has been initiated by Gujarat Technological University to provide minor research grants in different areas to motivate Faculty Members and Post Graduate Students to enhance their research interests, which may lead to major research proposals for submission to National/ International funding agencies. Seed Money Scheme (SMS) is designed to stimulate competitive research in strategic areas of national or international importance, to promote innovative product and technology development, and/or to facilitate the social science research for the betterment of society at large.

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Seed Money Scheme (SMS): Beneficiary Table
Sr. No. Date Title Of The Research Proposal Name Of Principal Investigator PG School Grant Amount Sanctioned
1 01/07/2022 Development and validation of rtPCR assay for detection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) - Contributing to AtmanirbharBharat in HBV diagnosis. Dr. Dolatsinh Zala SAST-GTU 1,00,000/-
2 01/07/2022 Heat transfer enhancement in a solar air channel by rotating spiralshaped baffles Dr. Lav Kumar Kaushi GPERI-GTU 1,00,000/-
3 01/07/2022 Molecular identification of Hyalomma anatolicum ticks to map its genetic diversity in Gujarat Dr. Kshipra Chauhan SAST-GTU 1,00,000/-
4 01/07/2022 Eco Friendly Utilization of wet Tea Waste Ms. Rachana J. Pandya GSMS-GTU 20,000/-
5 01/01/2022 Performance enhancement of single basin solar still using reflectors, sensible heat storage material and TEC based condenser Dr. Vivek Patel GPERI- GTU 75,000/-
6 01/01/2022 High Speed and Low cost Milk Analyzer for Testing Fat and SNF Dr. Komal Borisagar GSET- GTU 55,000/-
7 01/01/2022 Venom apparatus transcriptome of lionfish: Molecular sieving for potential drug candidates Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally SAST- GTU 1,00,000/-
8 01/01/2022 “Risk assessment of Genotoxic Impurities (Nitrosamines) in Marketed Anti-hypertensive Formulations Administered over a Long-Term Duration” Prof. Ravi B. Patel GSP- GTU 1,00,000/-
9 01/01/2022 Method development and validation of phytopharmaceutics product prickly pear Ms. Renita B Nagani GSP- GTU 25,000/-
10 01/01/2022 Development of method for determination of N-nitrosamine impurities in Nizatidine using LC-MS/MS method Ms. Shivani Dhorajiya GSP- GTU 25,000/-
11 01/01/2022 QbD based development of topical ocular retentive colloidal carrier based formulation for Glaucoma Dr. Dignesh Khunt GSP- GTU 1,00,000/-
12 01/01/2022 Development Of Mucoadhesive Formulation For The Treatment Of Eosinophilic Esophagitis Ms. Aarti H. Bodar GSP- GTU 25,000/-
13 01/01/2022 Colostrum enriched immunomodulatory hematinic granules as nutraceuticals for Pediatric subgroups Mr. Jayvin Rameshbhai Raval GSP- GTU 25,000/-
14 05/07/2021 A Structured Approach To Malware Detection And Analysis In Digital Forensics Investigation Mr. Deepak Upadhyay GSET- GTU 66,125/-
15 05/07/2021 Modeling Of Swarm Drone For Domestic & Commercial Application Mr. Raj Arvindkumar Hakani GSET- GTU 1,00,000/-
16 05/07/2021 Colloidal Lipid Nanocarrier Based Antifungal Formulation For Nasal Delivery In Management Of Mucormycosis Dr. Manju Misra GSP- GTU 1,00,000/-
17 05/07/2021 Fact Finding Assessment About Potential Carcinogenic And Genotoxic Nitrosamine Impurities Along With Preliminary Risk Assessment In Marketed Metformin Formulations Available In Gujarat Region Mr. Ravisinh Solanki GSP- GTU 1,00,000/-
18 05/07/2021 A Study On Assessment And Determination Factors Of The Research Productivity Of TheAcademician Affiliated To Gujarat Technological University Dr. Krishnaba Vaghela GSMS- GTU 1,00,000/-
19 05/07/2021 POM-KIN, A Study Of Pomogranate Waste Management For Society Mr. Tusharkumar K. Panchal GSMS- GTU 1,00,000/-
20 15/01/2021 Exploration Of Antiinflammatory And Hepatoprotective Potential Of Onosma Bracteata Wall – A Controversial Botanical Source Of Ayurvedic Medicine Gojihva Mr. Udaykumar Vegad GSP- GTU 30,000/-
21 15/01/2021 Development And Validation Of UHPLC-MS/MS Method For Determination Of Remdesivir In Human Plasma. Dr. Kashyap Thummar GSP- GTU 50,000/-
22 15/01/2021 “Development Of Lozenges For The Management Of Oral Submucosal Fibrosis” Prof (Dr.) Sanjay P. Chauhan GSP- GTU 1,00,000/-
23 15/01/2021 Development Of Herbal Formulation For Management Of Haemorrhoidal Disease Prof (Dr.) D. M. Patel GSP- GTU 50,000/-
24 15/01/2021 Validated Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC And HPTLC Method For The Estimation Of Remdesivir In Drugs And The LC–MS Identification Of Its Degradation Products Mr. Malay Pandya GSP- GTU 20,000/-
25 15/01/2021 A Study On Application Of Principles For Responsible Management Education(PRME) In Practice For The Sustainability Of B-Schools Of Gujarat Dr. Kaushal Bhatt GSMS-GTU 1,00,000/-
26 15/01/2021 Development, Deployment And Testing Of Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Models For Datasets Of Healthcare, Marketing, Malware And Banking Domains Mr. Mahesh H. Panchal GSET-GTU ₹ 87,000/-
27 15/01/2021 A Novel Assured Data Deletion Scheme With Public Verifiability For Cloud Storage Using Block Chain Ms. Seema B Joshi GSET-GTU 1,00,000/-
28 15/01/2021 Botnet Detection Using Deep Learning Approach Mr. Nitishkumar Khinchi GSET-GTU 25,000/-
29 15/01/2021 Enabling Smart Grid Communication Networks Using 5G Technology With An Approach For AI Integration Ms. Pooja Ojha GSET-GTU 25,000/-