Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Gujarat Technological University

Rating-Ranking and Certification:

UGC 12 B Certificate UGC 2 F Certificate

Sr. No. Date Particular Link to the relevant Document
1 25th October 2023 GTU GSET CS NBA Letter Certificate
2 5th June, 2023 NIRF-2023 Certificate
3 28th February 2023 GSIRF Certificate Certificate
4 14th February, 2023 NAAC Cycle-1 Certificate
5 18th January, 2022 Green University in Platinum Category Certificate
6 31st December 2021 GTU Strategic Plan: 2022-2027 Document
7 22th June, 2021 GSIRF Certificate Certificate
8 9th October,2020 QS E-LEAD Certificate Certificate